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I’m Chelsey,

aka The Girl in the Rainbow Glasses, The Priestess of Play, and the Goddess of Hype

I put the 'Debbs' in "Debbs and Flow" and I am here because I desire, deeply, to change the world by bringing joy, ease, silliness, play, and FUN into the lives of everyone I encounter.

Besides being a super cute name-

Debbs&Flow is a play on words that serves as a reminder for me to allow the ebb and flow of life to take me where I am meant to go. Here is where I will share with you my offerings of yoga, DRIPP, women's gatherings, and more!


I received my 200hr YTT cert from Yogaleena Studio, in Houston, in 2020 and my DRIPP Mentor certificate in 2021. Since then, I have hit the ground running with teaching yoga, DRIPP, self-love coaching, and leading women's circles. As a founding member of the DRIPP Mentor team, I cannot wait to share DRIPP with the women of my community and spread the radical healing that it brings around the world. Through yoga, Ayurveda, and DRIPP, I have found there is tremendous healing and comfort in finding unique, pleasurable, daily rituals, that nurture my Feminine energy, thereby, creating a safe home within my own body.


I am a passionate student of all things holistic and healing,  a Priestess on the Pleasure Path, and have seen, first hand, the healing effects of tapping into and owning my sacred sexuality and sensuality. I have learned through movement, to flow with my emotions, to heal from trauma, and to lead from Love. 

My mission, is to empower people who have lost touch with themselves, their voice, and their truth. I desire to work with people, to help them heal from the programing that keeps them thinking in lack and limitation. I desire to work together to dismantle the programing/conditioning that has taught us that pleasure is bad, and that our intuition cannot be trusted.

My vision for Debbs and Flow, is to hold space for self-care, self-love, and self-expression. To use movement such as DRIPP, yoga, and ecstatic dance, to awaken the Divine Feminine Energy in each of us, and connect to it through ritual and fully authentic expression. To cultivate a community that serves as a support system, that is safe and inclusive for all beings on this earth. 


With love always,

in all ways,

until the end of days.


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