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Yoga-Pool-Ooza 2022-- The WILD WOMEN ARE HERE!

This year I was invited and honored to lead the women's gathering at @yogapoolooza 2022. I had the joy of holding space for a beautiful and diverse collection of women-- each one offering their unique magic to the moment.

It was June 25th and the day was HOT. I was dripping with PRIDE (it was Pride march day in Houston). and ready to guide whoever would follow towards RADICAL self-love and feminine empowerment. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I didn't know how many people would attend or what the expectation was, but I was centered and buzzing with energy, ready to commune with my sisters.

I had received a download that very morning. Normally DRIPP Goddess Circles have lots of movement; we slither and slink all around, in a haze of adoration and self-acceptance, as we flow into whatever movement our bodies tell us to glide into next. But this gathering, I knew, needed to be different. Just days after the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I KNEW exactly what we needed. As women, we needed to be held. We needed to be told that everything was going to be okay. We needed to be reminded of our POWER, of our divine worthiness, of the intrinsic beauty and essence of femininity within us.

I am so grateful for the instant trust and love this group of women bestowed upon me. We began with a mini @drippractice, we jumped, stomped, swayed, and grounded down. We worshipped our bodies and reminded ourselves of our worthiness. We allowed ourselves a moment of peace, free from shame and judgment, to love ourselves fiercely and to move freely

Then, these gorgeous Goddesses showed just how fearless they were by matching up and gazing into each other eyes and allowing themselves to be truly SEEN. Though we only had an hour to come together, these divine feminine warriors we here to do the work! Gazing into each other's eyes, holding each other in deep reverence and love, accepting what comes up, connecting through silence and stillness, listening to the breath and buzz of energy around us. It was electric. The intensity of the joy and love that reverberated off from these women-- moved me to tears.

They then treated each other to a brief but bountiful massage. I invited each partnership to take 5 minutes as giver and receiver, and then switch. Honoring themselves, and their partner, the group began practicing the sacred art of giving and receiving. Here they were given express permission to ask for exactly what they desire and set boundaries. They practiced the art of compersion, wholeheartedly participating in the other's joy.

As our time together came to an end, we share in a sweaty, gratitude-filled cuddle-puddle; wiping each other's tears, and expressing our unending love for one another with a tight squeeze. We closed out with one final HOWL, one final release, alerting all who could hear, the WILD WOMEN are HERE!

Thank you to the women of this group, for allowing me to be your hype queen and feeding me back that same energy🙏


The Priestess of Play

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